There are folks in Brattleboro who have spent years making this a singular town. For its perfect size, it has some hefty challenges, and many of us would like to help it become a model city because we love living here. But INNOVATION can be a heavy lift -- do we have the right tools to build a better future? The Time Trade is one of our most powerful tools... and it gives a group like us enough leverage to lift this town UP. This is about being able to lift us all up.

Jesse de la Rosa


Perhaps after everyone has pounded the dough, let it rise, pounded it again, let it sit and rise some more, thrown it around, pounded it and let it rise again; shaped it into a loaf, basted it with herbs and olive oil, and baked it in an oven precisely to a temperature which everyone has first spoken about and agreed for exactly the amount of time agreed upon by our baking-time subcommittee; a delicious, warm and nourishing product will be the result.

Steven K-Brooks


Kipton Tewksbury


Emma Hallowell


Dan Ridgway


Becca McMaster Shaefer


We at Post Oil Solutions have loved the Time Trade all along--from the beginning when Emma and Becca first came to one of our meetings, and told us of their wonderful vision for such an organization in Brattleboro, and later when we met Bob & Jean & Jane & Dan & Laura, and others who, together with Emma and Becca, created the BTT, to the present moment when I’ve been fortunate to be a part of this very interesting group of people who make up the BTT Transition Board. Over the years, Post Oil has provided a variety of support to, the BTT, and will continue to do so anyway we can.

As the Founding Director of Post Oil Solutions, I naturally take climate change and energy descent, and the profound changes in our lives that they entail, very seriously, I believe that the BTT has a lot potential to help the greater Brattleboro area make a successful transition to a post petroleum society through its practice of neighbor helping neighbor. The Time Trade provides the kind of social glue necessary to building community, which we believe to be the basis of a successful transition.

Tim Stevenson


As a transition board member, I hope to help solidify this great organization's next phase of thriving activity. My own time trades have gotten work done that I was not able or daring enough to do myself (like going up on the roof to clean gutters) and have allowed me to do more of the work that I love (like educational consulting and BodyTalk).

Suzanne Weinberg