Have your friends, co-workers or family members ever expressed curiosity about your Christian beliefs? Many people today are seeking something more from life, and they may be interested in your faith. A "seeker" is a post-modern term used to describe people who are looking for a spiritual experience, or to add the spiritual dimension to their life.

Do you know someone who is a seeker?

How do you, or would you, respond to their questions about your belief?


Luke 19:1-10 Here is a story of an outcast who was looking for something more out of life. He was successful in business but something was missing.

Why do you think Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus?

Why was Zacchaeus happy to welcome Jesus to his home?

What do you think happened between Jesus and Zacchaeus that transformed Zacchaeus' life?


In this story we learn that God also seeks us. Furthermore, we are transformed when God finds us.

Can you relate this to your own life?

Have you been transformed by your faith?

How, when, where? Elaborate.