Charlie's Wonderful Rides

was a childhood book about a little boy riding many different vehicles - I feel just like him! Halfway through our trip we've already taken...

Relocated Temples

About 2300 years ago Ramses II carved two temples out of a cliff at Abu Simbel. In front of the large temple sit four colossal statues of himself. Next door he built a smaller temple to honor his favorite wife Nefertari. These beautiful temples were buried in sand until they were rediscovered 200 years ago. 50 years ago, construction of the Aswan high dam threatened to put them underwater. UNESCO rescued these treasures by disassembling them and moving them above the water level of the new Lake Nasser.

UNESCO also moved the Greco-Roman temples from the island of Philae to the island of Agilika to bring them above the water level of Lake Nasser. We enjoyed the renowned sound and light show there.