• What can a MythTV do for you?
  • Couch interface (demo via VNC)
  • Web interface
  • Comparison to Tivo
  • Under the hood:  Network
  • Under the hood:  Hardware
  • Under the hood:  Software

Alan Baker
San Jose IBM PC Club
November 10, 2015

What can a MythTV do for you?

How to On a TV On a Computer, Tablet, or Phone

Watch live TV at home MythTV HDHomerun View or InstaTV
Record TV shows MythTV MythWeb
Play recordings at home MythTV Stream to VLC from Mythweb
Play recordings over the internet Stream to Plex channel on Roku Stream to VLC or download from Mythweb when your wife has a broken arm and hip and you are in Vermont
Play CD's, DVD's, Blu-ray disks MythTV Rip to MythTV, stream to VLC
Photo gallery MythTV Windows network drive
Computer files and backups na Windows network drive
Security camera images na FTP server, Windows network drive

Comparison to Tivo


Advantages DIY. Flexible and extensible Simple, bullet-proof
Disadvantages DIY. Requires understanding and work Limited capabilities
One-time hardware costs $500 $350
Annual fees $33 $180




HD Homerun Prime
Iguana Works transceiver


Mythbuntu distribution includes:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Interface to Schedules Direct
  • Recording database: MythTV back-end + mysql
  • Couch interface: MythTV front-end
  • Web interface: Apache web server + MythWeb
  • Graphical desktop interface: X11 + xfce
  • Remote graphical interface: VNC
  • Command interface (SSH/SCP/SFTP): openssh
  • Video/audio file transcoder: ffmpeg
  • Remote control button interpreter: lirc

Added software:

  • Schedules Direct ($15/yr)
  • Infrared transceiver software for remote control: iguanair
  • FTP server for security camera: vsftpd
  • Windows network drive server: Samba 
  • Streaming to Roku: Plex media server
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