Old Home Week Parade

***Please check the website: www.wilmingtonohw2020.org for additional information on town activities and ordering Old Home Week swag.

The main Lake Raponda Association activity is the parade. We need people to help organize, decorate the truck, and march in the parade! There will be a sign up sheet at the July 11th meeting, or contact Beth Brody (Bebo681@aol.com) or Marti Watson (464-5287) for more info.

Parade -  Saturday August 7th aprox. 10AM to gather. Parade starts at 11.
Lake Raponda will be joyously represented at the OHW parade. We have a classic truck, courtesy of Marti and Gordon Watson, and are working on the decorations for the float right now. The basic idea will be loon themed and fishing. All are welcome to join in the parade!
We will have a loon stick-puppet craft for the kids the day before to carry in the parade, and Lake Raponda T-shirts are available for all to order. Information on both to follow, as well as more information on the timing and the parade itself.

We need older children/teens to hold the Lake Raponda Banner as we walk, and there will be children (plus an adult) in the truck throwing out candy. Please let Beth or Marti know if you and your children are able and willing!
Puppet workshop – Friday August 6th Drop in 10 AM – Noon, The Brody’s house, 392 Lake Raponda Road
All the supplies will be right here to make a loon or fish stick puppets to carry in the parade. This is a craft suitable for ages 3 (with a parent’s help) and up. An adult must accompany the children.
LRA T-Shirts
You can order shirts for your family from www.zazzle.com
Go to menu > clothing and accessories > t shirts > create your own.
We are looking at Men’s Basics, Woman’s’ Basic or American Apparel Jersey (check the sizing, the site says they run very small), Kids basics, and there are toddler and baby shirts to choose from as well. Make sure you click the “create your own” button right above the t shirt listing. You will then be asked to select size and color.
Please select from the colors in Classic Printing:  Lime, Light Aqua, Light Blue, Baby Blue, Horizon Blue, or White. We are choosing lake/water colors.
You do not have to order a t-shirt to participate in the parade! But please keep to the blue/green/white shirt colors, whatever you wear.

You will need to download the LRA logo to your computer, then upload to the select image. One you have done that, you can order multiple t-shirts without having to download the image each time. It will be saved on the site. They usually have sales going on, but just check the shipping to make sure you can get them in time. The earlier you can order the better. This sounds complicated, right? It’s not. Really easy. Just follow the steps and do reach out to Beth if you’re having a problem. 
There are two different logos: "Looney about Raponda" and  "Lake Raponda HomeOwners Association: 100 Years" The logo is the same for all. Two are in pdf. for downloads. One is a jpg. file. Use whichever you are more comfortable with. You can also use these logos for other things. Whatever you want. They are ours to use.  




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