BTT Newsletter, April 15, 2013


News from your coordinators:


This week will be RyanŐs last week as our hard-working intern. We are so grateful for all of the research and analysis that he has done for our time trade, and we look forward making good use of his final report in the months (and years) ahead. He will be in the office for his last shift on Wednesday 3-6 pm, he will continue to be a Time Trade member, and we hope he will join us for some of our upcoming outdoor potlucks.


We were recently interviewed by a Haverford College student who was conducting research about time banks for a political science class on solidarity economies. It is always exciting to talk to young adults who want to learn about the possibilities of time banking.


Save the date: This year's I-91 Welcome Center bake sale fundraiser will be on Sunday, September 29th. We hope you will be able to help us make it a huge success! Please let us know if you want to help organize this event.


Happy trading!


—Your Coordinator Team,
Abby, Beth, Katherine & Alan


Upcoming Potlucks:

 Would you like to host a summer potluck at your home? The OMAT team will bring utensils and such so you do not have to furnish all the dishware. If you would like to hold a potluck at your home, volunteers can help set up and clean afterward as well. You, of course, earn Time Trade hours as well for this service to all of us.


Please call Jackie Gould to make the plans, 802-579-8675 or


Please join us for our next monthly potluck:


Tuesday, April 16, 5:30-8pm

Brattleboro Savings & Loan (221 Main Street) Community Room

(in the back of the building; ring the buzzer).

Earn time credits if you bring a dish to share or if you help with set-up or cleanup. Contact Katherine Barratt at 802-257-4220 or Also, bring a friend if you like.


We will hold our second FORUM at our April 16 potluck, so come and be part of our discussion. H/Our Time Trade will ask:


á      What is the member commitment to an organization that characterizes itself as "redefining" labor? 

á      More simply put, "What is our commitment to Brattleboro Time Trade organization beyond making trades and paying dues?   


We will plan to start as the meal winds down about 6:45-7:00. It should be a lively exchange of ideas. We look forward to your input.  


May potluck: Sunday, May 19 (location TBD).


Brattleboro CitizensŐ Breakfast: Curbside Compost

The next Brattleboro CitizensŐ Breakfast is on Friday, April 19, at the Gibson Aiken Center, downstairs, hosted by Senior Meals. Doors open at 7:30 am; Time Trade members can attend for 1 time credit hour.

Moss Kahler promises to share everything you want to know about Brattleboro's upcoming Curbside Compost program.

RSVP today, April 15, by replying to or call 518-505-9031.


Would you like some extra computer help?

Brooks Memorial Library is offering one-on-one computer coaching on Tuesdays 6 to 8, Wednesdays 2 to 4, and Saturdays, 12 to 2, through April or until the programs last. Sessions will be 45 minutes and will be scheduled on the hour. This is a great opportunity to learn some basic computer skills that will help you feel more comfortable using the Time Trade software. As an incentive, we are offering time credit hours for this! Reservations should be made in advance by calling the library reference desk at 802-254-5290, ext 109. Walk-ins may be served if there are no reservations waiting.


A few new requests:


á      Marie Cohen is looking for moving help, someone with a truck plus helping hands in the next few weeks within Brattleboro.


á      Donna Faith K-Brooks is looking for help in her book warehouse, lifting 25-30 pound boxes and keeping track on index cards.


á      Scott Brown is looking for deep massage.


A few new offers:


á      Taina Lyons is offering energy work and therapeutic touch.


á      Peter Van der Does is offering hypnosis.


á      Tristan Roberts is offering home energy assessments.


The 2013 Vermont Home Energy Challenge:

Volunteers helping with this project can receive up to 15 Time Trade hours for their time spent. This is a fantastic collaboration between Time Trade and Transition Brattleboro that has the potential to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on foreign oil and will help the local economy. Visit Brattleboro Home Energy Challenge or Vermont Home Energy Challenge.



Brattleboro Time Trade is looking for someone knowledgeable about newsletter format to help continue to upgrade this newsletter. Any graphic designers or techies out there? Contact:


Gallery Walk Tabling:

We are looking for two enthusiastic Time Trade members to table at Gallery Walk Friday evening, May 3. It can be divided into 2 shifts between the 5:00 to 8:00 event. If you are interested, please contact Jackie Gould at 802-257-1810 or



Dues continue to be based on a sliding scale from $10 to $100. You can mail a check to our office (15 Grove St), pay in person during our office hours, at the next potluck, or online--click the Donate button on the left side of our public web page to pay by credit card or PayPal. For those of you with this dues anniversary, we hope to receive your member dues by the end of this month, so that you can continue to log in and take advantage of all that the Brattleboro Time Trade has to offer.


Volunteers Needed:

Your time bank needs help with office staffing, action teams, and orientations.  There's more information here.


Your Coordinators:

Beth McKinney, Abigail Mnookin, Office/Administrative Team;

Katherine Barratt, Membership/Outreach Team;

Alan Baker, Information Technology Team


Your Board Members:

Scott Aronowitz, Scott Brown, Philip Coolbeth, Tony Duncan, Shana Frank, Steven K-Brooks, Kipton Tewksbury

Marlboro Graduate SchoolŐs board fellow: Dan Ridgway