Wilmington Area Charities

Mission Statements and Contact Information

Pettee Memorial Library

Pettee Memorial Library tries to ensure that all members of our community will have access to library resources that will meet their informational and recreational needs. We aim for a balanced collection, however, Pettee Memorial Library is a reading library, not a research library, and this fact heavily influences our collection development.

16 South Main Street in Wilmington, VT. (802) 464-8557.


Deerfield Valley Rescue

Deerfield Valley Rescue was formed in 1974 to provide prehospital emergency medical care to residents in the Towns of Wilmington, Dover (East and West), Searsburg, Somerset and parts of Marlboro and Stratton.  In 2013, Deerfield Valley Rescue began to provide emergency care for Whitingham and Halifax.

Deerfield Valley Rescue or DVR, is operated by two full-time employees and approximately 25 volunteers that staff the ambulances 24 hours a day. dvrescue.org

Deerfield Valley Rescue, Inc. P.O. Box 854 34 Rt. 100 South Wilmington, Vermont 05363

Phone (Non-Emergency use ONLY): (802) 464-5557


Deerfield Valley Health Center

Our core group of family practice physicians, in Wilmington, Vt, has extensive training in a wide range of medical disciplines. We care for children and adults. We manage both acute and chronic illnesses. We handle urgent problems including trauma, fractures, and lacerations. We work to stabilize people who are critically ill-with major emergencies such as heart attacks or stokes-then oversee their transfer to the hospital.

30 VT Route 100 S Wilmington, VT 05363 (802) 464-5311 (Office)

The Deerfield Valley Health Care Volunteers, Inc.

A 501C3 nonprofit corporation with its headquarters in Wilmington, VT.  This organization is committed to providing financial support to promote specifically the health and welfare of the communities of the Deerfield Valley, Vermont.  These communities are namely Wilmington, Whitingham, Jacksonville, Dover, Searsburg, Readsboro, Halifax, Wardsboro and Stamford.In 1963, when a handful of women decided to raise money for the new Deerfield Valley Health Center, Art On The Mountain was born.  Destined to become one of the most successful fundraisers in the area, it supported itself through the exhibition and sale of the works of New England artists and craftspeople as well as through donations and sponsorships from both businesses and private individuals.  Each year, as our valley changed, so did our focus.  Programs directly assisting our local population were instituted (School Dental Program, Scholarship Program, Friends in Need) and funds were also given to local organizations already addressing the needs of our community.

Toll Free: 1-877-VTSOUTH

Business Office: (802) 464-8092O

Deerfield Valley Food Pantry

The mission of the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry is to see that no one in the area goes needlessly hungry, or lacks the basics for personal care. We provide, as well as our resources permit, food and other items to all those who ask for assistance.

We do not turn anyone away.The DVFP is a member of the Vermont Foodbank. If you need help or want to volunteer or donate, you may also call Rosemary Tefft at 802-368-2942, Carol DeBarba at 802-464-8088 or any area pastor. deerfield valley food pantry.org

Vermont Land Trust

We are a private, non-profit land conservation organization that protects land important to the future of Vermont. We work with landowners—both individuals and families—and with municipalities, community groups, and state agencies to permanently protect the farms and forestland, recreational sites, and wildlife habitat that contribute to the rural character of Vermont and the vitality of our communities.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees and supported by more than 5,000 members. With our headquarters in Montpelier and five regional offices located in Bennington, Brattleboro, Richmond,

St Johnsbury, and Waitsfield. We work closely with communities across Vermont. http://www.vlt.org

Southeast Vermont Office

54 Linden Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301  (802) 251-6008 (main number)

Kerry Doyle, Regional Stewardship Manager, (802) 257-5832

Pieter van Loon, Director of Forest Stewardship, (802) 246-1502

Joan Weir, Regional Director, Southeast, (802) 246-1501

Wilmington Historical Society

The Historical Society of Wilmington, a duly organized nonprofit entity, is dedicated to collecting, preserving,

teaching, and displaying the history of Wilmington.  This is realized with the efforts of all those who volunteer with the society, as well as those who donate.

Historical Society of Wilmington

P.O. Box 1751 Wilmington, VT 05363


Twice Blessed

A non-profit community organization dedicated to helping residents of the 9 surrounding towns of the Deerfield Valley. Consignment And Resale Stores ,  Used, Second-Hand & Thrift Stores

716 Vt Route 100 N Wilmington, VT 05363-7919 (802) 464-7500

Memorial Hall Center of the Arts

MHCA is a 501(c)(3), EIN # 04-3375055, not-for-profit charitable arts organization founded in 1997. Our mission: to engage the community in the arts.

Governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, MHCA strives to present a rich and diverse program of professional performances. For seventeen seasons, MHCA primarily presented Broadway cabaret, classical, blues, jazz, nostalgia, and folk concerts and at least one play from a local community theatre troupe, typically in the summer or early fall. With the move to its new home in Dover, MHCA expands into the world of cinema, while maintaining its dedication to present the live performances that filled its programming in years past.

Serving not only Dover, but all the residents and visitors of southern Vermont, southwestern New Hampshire, and the Berkshires of Massachusetts, MHCA continues to attract an ever-widening audience. Ticket sales alone, however, do not cover the expenses of operation and capital improvements.

Your financial support through membership provides the means for you to share in our mission of expanding the arts in our community. Please consider the importance of our mission. Become a member.

4 Mountain Park Plaza, West Dover, VT 05356, Box Office 802.464.8411

Volunteer Firefighters

The 30 volunteer firefighters of the Wilmington Volunteer Fire Department continue to dedicate thousands of total hours in responses to emergencies, training, and fire prevention throughout the year. The Department proudly continues to maintain and upgrade the training needed to provide the emergency coverage that our community depends upon.

Your continuous support of the Wilmington Firefighters’ Association (WFA) has allowed us to better serve our members and our community. We are able to continue hosting the many community events that we sponsor. The College Scholarship Program, which was established with your support, continues to benefit students who are attending schools related to the field of emergency services.

Our Brotherhood Fund, which was established to provide financial assistance to qualified firefighters in the event of a serious injury, illness, or great hardship, continues to graciously serve our members. The Wilmington Firefighter’s Association is asking for your support this year by making a tax-deductible contribution. This will enable us to continue the current programs,continue to help our local firefighters in need, and to better serve the community we proudly protect. Your contribution can be mailed direct to the address below or you may use the new secure Pay-Pal link on our web-site at: www.wilmingtonvtfd.com.

Please check out our website @: www.wilmingtonvtfd.com ! It contains information, live fire and training videos, pictures of our new Engine 2, and many other interesting items.

Fit and Healthy Kids Windham County

Our Vision: Fit & Healthy Kids!

Our Mission: Working together to foster practices, programs and policies that engage the community in raising fit and healthy children.

For more information and to join our efforts, please contact:

Kathleen White, RN, MS, Vermont Department of Health

Kathleen.White@state.vt.us   |   802-251-2108

Valley Youth Sports

Located in the Deerfield Valley Region of Southern Vermont.

Valley Youth Sports is a non-profit, volunteer based organization providing the opportunity to participate in organized sports to area children in kindergarten through 6th grade. Valley Youth Sports programs available this year include t-ball, baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. It is most important that our kids have an enjoyable experience, exhibit good sportsmanship, and learn some new skills. Valley Youth Sports, P.O. Box 1458, Wilmington, VT 05363

The Living History Association (LHA)

A nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Vermont and recognized by the federal government as a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit historical and educational organization. The LHA was founded in southern Vermont in 1977, and in 1978 was officially incorporated as part of a regionally based reenactment group. After a long membership growth period, the reenactment group and the historical association became two separate corporations with their own directors and objectives. The name Living History Association was officially adopted in 1982.

The LHA is composed of several interpretive departments and committees, which sponsor historical reenactments both here at the LHA Museum and throughout the country. These groups host living history events, ranging from ancient Rome through World War II and even more recent conflicts, with volunteers who are dressed in period attire and portray civilian as well as military lifestyles of their given time period. Other committees involve themselves in the administrative areas of the LHA. All members are highly encouraged to participate in any area of interest and will find a host of new friends to assist them in all aspects of this rewarding hobby, from spinning wool to shouldering a musket.

Besides providing assistance to hundreds of living history groups across the United States, the LHA sponsors, as well as hosts, living history lectures and workshops. We currently estimate that our educational artifact rental boxes, teacher workshops, and student field trips are impacting 5,000 students per year. Our library and co-operative efforts with historic sites provide a credible and authoritative resource that is available to educators. These programs are an effective addition to pre-established curriculum, and have proven to be exciting and stimulating to those in attendance.

The LHA is also partnering with Road Scholar (formerly known as Elderhostel) to provide lecturers for programs exploring the role of Lake Champlain Valley region, as well as southern Vermont, during the time of the American Revolution.

Living History Association

PO Box 1389 Wilmington, VT  05363

802-368-7913 info@livinghistoryassn.org

The Deerfield Valley Community Cares

Founded in the fall of 2004 to help people in our community with their heating expenses. Our aim is to help people who, despite their best efforts, sometimes cannot make ends meet during the winter months. Our recipients are primarily working families and seniors on fixed incomes. Loss of jobs, illness, accidents, or just plain bad luck can drain the resources of any one of our neighbors at any time. We try to provide short term help while they get back on their feet.

We do not help people who are on federal, state, or other types of assistance. We help people who normally fall between the cracks – working or retired, who make enough money so that they do not qualify for other types of aid, but are not quite able to meet their expenses in the winter. We do not provide month-to-month support. When we help people, our payments go directly to their fuel suppliers.

Referrals come to us from town officials, medical professionals, school staff, church pastors, concerned neighbors, and sometimes from fuel companies themselves. After checking some background information, we have the fuel delivered within 24 hours. There are no applications to fill out and virtually no waiting period. More often than not, we do not even contact the recipient. We cover residents of the towns within the Deerfield Valley: Wardsboro, East and West Dover, Wilmington, Marlboro, Searsburg, Whitingham, Jacksonville, Halifax and Readsboro. We are a non-profit corporation with a federal 501-C-3 designation.

Our fund has been enriched by donations from individuals, raffles, and the sale of our popular Deerfield Valley Uncovered calendar. Our largest fund raiser is now the Best Dam Walk/Run in Vermont half marathon.

Should you have questions, or require more information,  please contact

Susan Spengler: 802-464-5872  or  Ann Herrmann: 802-368-7134

Deerfield Valley Community Partnership

Vision: "The Deerfield Valley will be a healthy and safe community".

Our Mission: "Our mission is to reduce drug and alcohol use among our youth".

The Partnership is a group of adult and youth volunteers who meet monthly. This group includes youth, teachers, police officers, parents, business owners, civic group representatives, health care representatives, and other concerned community members.

What we hope to accomplish:

Cindy Hayford, Partnership Coordinator 802-464-2202 info@dvcp.org

Deerfield Valley Community Partnership_

P.O. Box 1688 Wilmington, VT 05363

American Legion Auxiliary

The world’s largest patriotic women's service organization. Nelsen E. Pickwell Unit 15

A tax exempt organization located in Wilmington, Vermont. Donations to American Legion Auxiliary are tax deductible. This organization in Wilmington has been in operation for 68 years.

The American Legion Auxiliary’s mission is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad.    For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

58 Davis Drive,Wilmington, VT 05363 Fax: 802-464-0842 Officers:President: Diana BrowSecretary: Florence Wilson

West River Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. HFHI seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. 802-464-5158

Gene Clark, President P.O. Box 40 Jacksonville VT 05342

wdrapids@sover.net  Gretchen Fagge

and Marge Thurber jmthurber@earthlink.net

Friends of the Valley Foundation

was born from the oldest running charity golf tournament in the Deerfield Valley. Over the past four years, there have been many changes. The focus of the golf tournament is raising money for charitable causes in the Valley. The boards mission statement is “In the Valley, For the Valley”. We have added several scholarships & grants. Other golf tournaments are now under the Friends of the Valley Foundation umbrella. As more money is raised each year, the foundation takes on more worthwhile causes in the Valley.

As the Foundation moves forward, it continues to grow & change. As needs arise in the Valley, the Foundation adds causes or makes changes that make sense for the current condition in the Valley. However many changes are made, the Foundation will stay true to its core mission of keeping all monies raised in the Valley.

Contact: Chris Zizza

Framingham,MA                                                       czizza@candrflooring.com

Wilmington, VT                                                               802-464-1393

Homeowner in Wilmington since 1999                            508-341-9291

The Wilmington Fund VT

Mission Statement:

The Village of Wilmington, Vermont, has been on the National Registry of Historic Places since 1980. Its businesses were badly damaged by hurricane Irene on August 28, 2011 with the loss of 40 businesses with 120 employees, 20 apartments, and all Municipal services. All buildings sustained some damage, from flooded basements to total loss.

Recognizing the importance of the village to the economy of the area, It is the purpose of this project to support Wilmington’s recovery by raising funds to help repair damaged buildings and to promote commerce and business activity through use of grants, low interest loans, real estate ownership, other investment opportunities and partnerships with like minded entities designed to promote job growth and economic opportunity for area residents.

Baby Basics of Collier County, Inc.

The concept of the program Baby Basics originated from an organization in southern New Jersey, which was providing support to low income and welfare families. In founding the first Baby Basics program in 1992, the determination was made to limit the scope of the program to only those who are working and not receiving welfare. Before I began Baby

Basics, in depth research went into assessing community support for working poor families. My research found that no organization was providing a basic hygienic necessity, diapers, on a consistent basis. Baby Basics was founded to fill this unmet need.

However, Baby Basics is much more than just a diaper distribution program. It is our mission to provide a supportive atmosphere and community for these hard working families. We call this kindness. Research shows that one of the four major factors of child abuse is a sense of isolation. Baby Basics strives to provide a connection to a caring community with support, a listening ear and a safe place to share daily struggles and successes thus diluting the sense of isolation for these struggling families.

Our gifts of diapers and kindness would not be possible without financial support from individuals, foundations and organizations. We are grateful to each person who supports us as we do this important work.

Baby Basics of Collier County, Inc.

PMB 132 – PO Box 413005

Naples, Fl 34101



This article appeared in the North Naples Journal October 2011 edition.

Baby Basics Helps Vermont Families Isolated by Hurricane Irene

When the rains from hurricane Irene swept through, devastated and isolated much of Vermont, the neighbors-helping-neighbors spirit included aid for many area babies and their families, and that help had a Naples connection.

Irene pretty much destroyed the small town of Deerfield Village,” said Jean Ann Lynch, a seasonal Naples resident who, along with her husband Dick, was at their Wilmington, Vermont home when Irene struck.

For two weeks there were no roads to the community,” she said.  “Twenty eight families were left homeless and many more lost pretty much everything they owned.  There were more than 920 applications for help to FEMA from businesses and families in the county.”

Among those needing help were the five babies regularly swerved by Baby Basics of the Deerfield Valley, as well as other children and their families left without a source of diapers or support, and Lynch was the perfect person to help out.

Lynch founded the very first Baby Basics in Ridgewood, New Jersey, in 1992.  Since then 13 additional programs have been established nationwide, including the Deerfield Valley program about 10 years ago, as well as Baby Basics of Collier County in 2004.

Baby Basics provides free diapers for the children of working families.  None of the families in the program receive federal or state cash assistance.  Most have incomes too high to qualify for assistance, but too low to easily afford diapers for the regular changes needed to assure a healthy and happy baby.

In Collier County, Baby Basics provides diapers and support to some 300 families.  Funding is through a series of volunteer coordinated events. Upcoming events include a November 12 Casino Night at Lely County Club sponsored by the Mid-Day Optimists.

After Irene came through Vermont, I realized that not only did the Baby Basics children need help, but also other infants in the area,” said Lynch.  Along with Sue and Bob Reynen, Vermont neighbors and also Naples seasonal residents, Lynch and her husband set up an emergency diaper distribution program for the Baby Basics clients as well as 22 other children from the area.

Also, as with all Baby Basics programs, we provided support for the families who came for the diapers, and set up a Mom and Child play group for those families,” she said.  “That program will continue for at least another seven months, and all the participants will receive a monthly supply of diapers.”

Irene was a tragedy for many of the people in the area,” said Lynch, “but hopefully out of this tragedy will come something that will provide hope and support long into the future.”