Lake Raponda Watershed

Wetland Assessment Talk (video)
by VT DEC Wetlands Biologist Charlie Hohn on October 2, 2020
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Summary of Findings (video)
by VT DEC Wetlands Biologist Charlie Hohn on October 2, 2020
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2019 Lake Raponda Watershed Assessment

A State of Vermont grant to the Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District (WCNRCD) funded an environmental baseline assessment of the watershed of Lake Raponda as it existed in 2019. We gathered data about the land and water native and invasive species present in the watershed and about flows and run-off factors emptying into the lake.

Read Will Melton's article here about our watershed assessment in pages 9-10 of the Spring 2020 Newsletter of the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds. The final report is here.

Maps of the area used for the assessment:

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